Who you really are

I wrote a blog a while ago about reflecting on what we want from life, our values, and finding purpose and fulfilment. It's based on a favourite children's book called 'You Choose'.

As I read it again this morning, what's coming to mind is our sense of self. The identity we hold for ourselves is significant in how we experience life from moment-to-moment, as well as the path we follow through the years and stages of life.

So much of the work I do with clients is about reconnecting with the truth of who they are, navigating back to the essence of self, tapping into innate wisdom, and letting go of anything that no longer serves them. It's often setting aside the 'shoulds' and 'musts', and embracing the inner calling to do and be everything they've known for a long time that they truly desire.

It can be enlightening, scary, amusing, delightful, emotional, inspiring, and so much more. To open yourself to be fully present with whatever comes up takes courage, and it's so worth it, in my opinion.

And I hold a safe, compassionate, and encouraging space for that to happen.

Trust that you have everything you need. You are already whole.

There are a variety of ways to explore this for yourself, whenever you're ready.

My book 'Roots for Growth' has various other stories on a similar theme, as well as tips, techniques, and meditations. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to chat about how I can support you.

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