What you focus on, you may just find more of

As we move into the last few days of the year, I have been reflecting on 2020 and what has helped me to navigate through these unusual times. Despite the often-described ‘bad year’, ‘terrible times’ and ‘crisis’, I believe it’s possible to stay calm and balanced when all about us seems to be turning to chaos. Even in a heart-breaking pandemic which would challenge the most cool, calm, and collected person, there can be learning, richness of experience, and gratitude to be found if we know where – and how – to look for it.

“The wound is the place where the light enters you.” Rumi

My own experience of life being turned upside down at the age of 23, when I became a carer and the main earner (permanently), has taught me a sense of perspective beyond what I could ever have imagined. Life lessons have nudged me to learn to let go of what I can’t control and focus on where I DO have a choice.

In these two decades of life not being what I expected, I have discovered abundance, resilience, gratitude, how to live a mindful and purposeful life, and to make time for creativity which is woven through my day-to day life now. And that’s even when… especially when… times are challenging and uncertain.

So when we can’t see our family or celebrate special events… and even when government restrictions limit the life we want to lead (for very important reasons), there are ways to focus on the choices which ARE available, and what we would like to have happen, rather than get caught up in problems and stress.

In recent months I have loved being together as a family and have got to know my kids as the remarkable young adults they are now, and I am incredibly proud of them both. We will look back on these months fondly as a time when we pulled together and made the best of it, with a spirit of fun and appreciation. And daily walks, noticing the seasons change, have helped me to stay grounded.

The photo on this post was taken at sunrise in our favourite spot in Skye where we love to visit with family. Every moment the light changes, and even when it’s a stormy day with the yacht bells tinkling in the wind and the white tops of the waves spraying the shore, it is a tranquil place. One day we will be there again, when it is safe to do so.

In the meantime, I’m starting 2021 with various events to help us all to stay connected, positive, and resilient, and would love you to join in too. First up is NLP Club with me and Carolyn Murray, which is well-timed for a motivating start to 2021. There are other workshops and events you can take a look at too.

Next month I’m launching my first book called Roots for Growth, which I have thoroughly enjoyed writing and I am excited to bring it into the world. It’s a mix of personal stories, background, questions, and activities on topics such as resilience and mindful living. Later in the book I have written about experiences with COVID and share inspiring stories from people who have grown through the changes they have experienced in life.

So my question to you is… what will you be focusing on in 2021?

If I can support you or your team in any way, please get in touch.

Very best wishes for a happy, healthy, and peaceful New Year.

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