These boots were made for... later

I bought these boots on a weekend away in February this year. I remember it clearly, thinking about the work events I had coming up and realising that my old boots were just too worn out.

So I bought them. And I only wore them once before lockdown. 

​That was, until this morning. It was like a time-warp that zipped me back over several months, to that weekend in Oban when we knew a wee bit about COVID-19 but we didn't grasp the reality of how it would influence the way we live our lives over the long term.

It has occurred to me lately that there have been distinct phases (not the government ones - I mean the way we are moving through the changes, in general). For the first few weeks, a new reality dawned, which seemed to be a mix of shock, horror, and sadness, and a gradual creeping-in of what would become our new way of living. 

Then I found there was a levelling-out of emotions and reactions, building acceptance and the ability to live in-the-moment with patience and pragmatism (most of the time).

Now it's sinking in that this isn't going away any time soon, and the adjustments we've been making - practically and emotionally - will be important to sustain and evolve for the sake of our physical and mental health.

All through this time I've been reaching out, listening, reading, and empathising with people who I have met, and many who I haven't met. I feel the world needs a higher level of consciousness and compassion to get through this in one piece. And I truly believe it can be a time of change for the greater good, for the sake of humanity and the planet.

So I will continue to reach out, and help out, wherever I can. Zoom is no replacement for connecting in-person, but it's the best option available to work with just now, and thank goodness for it. A participant on a recent workshop said "I don’t know how you do it but even over Zoom you radiate warmth. You manage to create a safe space and that is such a talent." What lovely feedback.

And while we move into the semi-unknown territory of the next few months, I acknowledge the reality that we need to pull on our resilience and be kind to each other, and ourselves. And it's ok not to be ok.

I have been fortunate to have an amazing support network around me. And I hope I offer the same to them. One of the things I am missing the most is hugging my family and friends, and having the freedom to get together and celebrate life the way we used to. We are social animals after all, and it's one of our most basic needs to connect with each other and feel a sense of belonging.

This will pass, eventually. In the whole timeline of our lives, this is relatively short-term (although I do acknowledge the repercussions for many will last much longer). We will get through it - together.

If you would like to connect, contact me for a complimentary chat with no obligation to take it any further. Or join me and Carolyn Murray for a group practise session or workshop to explore #NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). You might be surprised by what you discover!

#resilience #covid19 #coronavirus

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