One year on - remembering

This photo might not look like much, but it was a significant moment for me. I was sitting on a bench in my sister's garden at the weekend - safely distanced and within the rules of course - and realised how long it had been since we'd all sat and blethered. I felt a pang, and very soon afterwards, happiness and gratitude... being very much in-the-moment.

A year ago today, I was stretched out on our sofa with COVID symptoms, watching the pandemic unfold on the news and social media.

Most of all, I remember the loss of life and people in intensive care and the doctors, nurses, cleaners, and other hospital staff and carers.

All the families adjusting to their circumstances in a bubble of isolation.

And so much has happened since then. Alongside the tragedy and challenging times, waves of kindness, resilience, tenacity, new friendships, learning and growing. Inspiring acts of courage and personal sacrifice, like medical staff living apart from their families, communities pulling together to support their most vulnerable people, and simple things like doorstep visits to drop off a meal or some baking.

Today at 12.00 we observed a minute's silence, and will be lighting a candle tonight in remembrance.

Thinking of everyone and sending love to all who have lost a loved one, or are continuing to feel the impact of the virus.

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