Magic in the moment

This photo came up on my Facebook memories this morning. I took it at the Fairy Pools at Glen Brittle on the Isle of Skye exactly 5 years ago. We were meant to be there now, on a family holiday postponed from last year. Needless to say, it was postponed again. As will be the case for a lot of people, I’m sure.

I love the way the light and colour are captured in this photo (professional photographers might disagree, but it was a holiday snap, after all!). It was such a bright day I didn’t see the rainbow when I took it, and it has a certain magical quality to it. Legend says that the fairy pools are visited by mythical creatures, and it’s no surprise that it sparks the imagination with the other-worldly qualities of the vibrant turquoise of the icy water as well as the unusual sculptures carved out by the cascade of waterfalls. It has an atmosphere like nowhere else I’ve ever been.

But it’s not to be at the moment. I feel a mix of emotions: happy and grateful for the magical memories throughout the years of holidays with our kids growing up, and also sad that a year of our lives has passed and especially for Alan, who is noticing ever-more the effects of his MS. We don’t really have time to lose, which is why we have focused on appreciating family life at home for the time being.

So although I long to fill my lungs with the cool, crisp mountain air, this past year has offered an opportunity to appreciate what’s right under my nose. I’ve walked hundreds of miles in my local area, taking it in through all the senses, noticing the changes in season and appreciating the variety and perspective, from zoomed-in mindful moments looking at tiny buds to vast landscapes spanning right over to the Munros in Perthshire. There’s nothing like a bracing walk along the River Forth to remind me that it’s a big wide world out there, and especially now in Spring, life and colour is bursting out everywhere. There’s a sense of space and clarity from the vast water and sky, whatever the weather… and I’ve loved the variety of that too. Changing light, contrast, brightness and shade, weather patterns… all part of the richness of life.

Wherever I am, I can guide my attention to the present moment. It’s part of my commitment to mindful living, which I have written about in my book ‘Roots for Growth’. It incorporates learning and stories about mindfulness, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), and more. I believe this way of being is key to finding peace and balance in uncertain times, and it’s available to us all, if we choose.

If you’d like to explore mindful living, you can find out more in my book, or browse events coming up. There are regular opportunities to join me and Carolyn Murray for NLP Training.

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