Mid-life WHAT?

3 times in 3 days. That's how often I've heard reference to 'mid-life crisis' this week.

When I notice something like that, I like to reflect and be curious about what learning it could hold​ for me and for the people I support​.

​The dictionary ​definition ​- as well as the dramatic description of danger or emergency - says:

"A time when a difficult or important decision must be made."

Synonyms are: critical point, decisive point, turning point, crossroads, crux, climax, culmination, height, head, moment of truth, point of no return.

For me, this​ evokes​ a sense ​opportunity and choice, opening up learning and awareness​, especially in capable and trusted hands. And it certainly doesn't sound like a disaster or an emergency. ​

​From t​he first time I heard ​'mid-life crisis'​ on TV this week​, I noticed my internal resistanc​e​​ to judgemental and sarcastic views about the "symptoms" and what might be "wrong with" the person. ​Examples quoted were 'wants to live a simpler life', unhappy with their job', 'questions the meaning in their life', and 'sets up their own business', among other things.

Many people who come to me ​for support​ are having similar experiences, and I don't belie​ve f​o​r one moment that there's anything 'wrong' with them. In my experience ​this period in their lives is​ much more aligned with outcomes than problems...an awakening of ​thei​r truth​ to help them discover and connect with who ​they​ a​re​, what ​they​ a​re​ here to do​,​ and how ​they want to be in the world.

And I want to ask you...

What do you want to have happen in your life?

And what's important to you about that?

And is there anything else that keeps calling you to pay attention?

​I​f ​you​ ignore that wee voice it will keep on calling to ​yo​u.​ It certainly did to me.​ There's no going back once you've heard the call...or at least have questions in your mind​ about where your life's path is heading.​

I acknowledge that at least part of it was my ego kicking​ off​, as I had a major turning point five years ago when I decided it was time to make a major change and leave the corporate world to prioritise my family and balance my life.

But I wouldn't call it a crisis then or now, as I trusted that I was on a path​ that was exactly where I was meant to be heading.​ And if I hadn't followed the call to wake up, I wouldn't be where I am today.

If you have been experiencing any of what I've described here then you are not alone. Go easy on yourself, seek support if it feels appropriate for you, and I'm here if you would like to arrange a complimentary chat.

Who knows what could unfold if you are willing to take that first step?

Join me for one of my events coming up soon, or please get in touch to talk about how I can support you.

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