Just passing through

Standing here for a moment in one short lifetime

In a sacred place where many were laid to rest

The space and shelter they were given for their passage to the next life

Grounded through the earth where ancient people once stood

Tracing fingers over the giant stones, so carefully placed

Marking the movement of the sun, streaming in as the solstice comes

Eyes resting upon the shadowy carvings

Spirals and curves and zig-zag patterns

All symbolic of a language now lost

Yet somehow still conveying their message through nature's beauty

Lyrical sounds of their story being told

With hypnotic resonance and wonder

And carried by footsteps, tracing their steps around the giant stone circle

Who knows where their passage took them?

Their presence is felt deeply here

------------------ After visiting this beautiful place on last month, I woke the next morning and the words started flowing.

This is a deeply spiritual place, gladly far away from 'Black Friday' and all it seemed to bring.

How important it is to stop 'doing' and reflect, and be present. The grounding effect of noticing, appreciating, and tuning in.

Even yesterday, walking through the busy streets of Dublin, we didn't go into many shops or have bundles of bags. Instead we walked arm-in-arm chatting and laughing visiting statues, the park, and a beautiful sculpture which is a tribute to WW1 soldiers.

And then sitting round a crackling fire in Eimear's mum's house, sharing stories and looking forward to a special event together.

Grateful to experience this weekend with friends.

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