Stories waiting to be told

I wrote my first blog over two years ago, connecting deeply with feelings about the past, present and future, and opening up in a way that seemed to resonate with readers. I wrote with heart and soul, open and vulnerable. It wasn't actually written for anyone to read, but once the words were on the page I felt a strong pull to share it. It turned out to be pivotal in taking steps forward with my life, the way I wanted to live it. Something flowed, like a release of energy which grew and grew.

I've found from the very beginning that the words and the stories are often 'just there', floating around somewhere and they begin to flow out when I pick up a pen or open up my laptop.

I've also discovered that writing can be free-flowing, 'on demand', when you allow enough headspace and an attitude of curiosity and creativity.

The picture above is by Jonny Lindner (via Pixabay) and it caught my eye a few months ago. I was drawn into the landscape, the colours, the season, and the light emerging from the centre. I sat with it a while and realised that I have more stories to tell.... moving beyond the blog posts I've enjoyed writing ….. something with shape and form.

I started to write a book a few weeks ago....well, the introduction so far! It was important to me to make that commitment, which begins to make it a reality. I'm sharing it with you now, partly because I know this will breathe life into it. And I also know that when I say I'll do something, I'm much more likely to do it! I've also been using an NLP tool called Timeline which has helped to develop a vivid, exciting map of the future.

Stories resonate in another way that is deeply meaningful to me. Many of the clients I work with have a story waiting to be told (metaphorically speaking, in a coaching context), and something calls them to come forward and connect with it. Whether it's dipping their toe in at the beginning, and taking baby steps from there, or delving into all of the chapters at once and then working out which part comes first, there are adventures to be discovered, hurts to let go of, light to shine, and a colourful life to be painted, in whatever way is right for them.

And a vital ingredient, I find, is being able to be present with the challenging times, which we have a great deal to learn from if we choose to be courageous and vulnerable, as well as the highlights and celebrations.

If this resonates with you, why not get in touch for a chat or join me at one of my events?

I'm here when your story is ready to be told.


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