Where did my Creativity go?

I've just boarded a plane to Italy for a friend's wedding. Alongside the excitement of the celebrations with friends I've been close to for over 20 years, I'm delighted to have some

S P A C E.

Space to think, read, reflect, plan, and just 'be'.

Travelling has that effect on me. I'm not sure if it's the mad rush of getting stuff done before going away, and then the lull of sitting quietly for a while, or the physical distance from the to-do lists which I can get bogged down with sometimes.

Already delving into the book I've brought - 'Big Magic' by Elizabeth Gilbert - I'm feeling a flood of inspiration and creativity. She talks about courage and bravery to live an "amplified life", and how ideas may pass us by unless we are open to them and are willing to be a partner to inspiration.

A question pops into my head: "Where did my creativity go?"

Well, it's not gone completely but I know when I'm in a flow of creativity and when I'm not.

Recent life events such as my son leaving home, adjusting to life with a boisterous puppy, and my husband's health continuing to decline have occupied my thoughts, emotions and energy. Not to mention running a business.

All these things (and more) have needed my attention. My loved ones are the centre of my world. And - I realise - so am I. I can only bring the best of myself for them if I pay attention to my needs for self-care, space, rest, and reflection, and the gratitude and sense of connection which comes from that.

I feel a new energy emerging. Creativity, inspiration....breathing life into me and filling me with a zest for life which has been a little jaded lately.

Elizabeth Gilbert quotes Joan Didion: "I don't know what I think until I write about it."

Yip, that's true of me too. Not just today but whenever I write, it seems to bring clarity and inspiration from the depths of my unconscious.

And the answer to the question "Where did my creativity go?"....

Turns out it's right here.

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