Connecting with who we are

A few people have asked me whether I ​use the techniques I share with clients​ to support myself​.

The simple answer is yes - often. It's natural to need a bit of support sometimes, through good times and challenges. I continue to be moved deeply by the stories of the people I meet through my work. I find that sharing stories enriches relationships and connects us with something beyond ourselves, and also builds connection within.

Over the past ​decade​ I have dug deep to develop an understanding of myself ​and how I relate to people and situations. I have discovered ways to​ be in-the-moment and​ embrace vulnerability, and​ have​ built resilience​ with the support of experts​ to navigate through challenges and opportunities.

In my blogs I've shared openly about my deepest feelings and experiences. My intention is to offer a perspective to encourage conversations, awareness and choice, and be able to say​ (if we choose)​ when we are going through stuff. And finding ways to 'get back up again', in whatever way we can.

And even when things are challenging or upsetting - as they have been for me at times recently - I find I am able to sit with the emotions. And when I'm ready, go through a self-healing process, to enable me to carry on with day-to-day life with gratitude and enjoyment. At times I have to consciously take time out to recharge and support myself, invest in self-care and often some coaching. I have been fortunate that friends and mentors have reached out at times when it really mattered - funny how they sense when it might be time to do that. I often have serendipitous moments like that too, when clients or friends I haven't seen for a while are in my thoughts. And when I reach out, how often they say they were just thinking about getting in touch with me (in one case, the exact same day after several months apart!). Something to do with the deep connection and subtle ways of picking up on people's energy, I think.

It's a lifelong commitment and passion for me to understand and connect with the perfectly imperfect nature of us as human beings. The techniques I use are proven strategies which are designed by experts and based on what works best, and also leave space for each person to benefit from the learning in their own unique map of the world.

And how inspirational it is to see someone light up when they connect with the inner wisdom they had all along, with hope and belief for the future.

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