Happiness and joy in everyday things

"The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are attentive, you will see it." ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Sitting at a tram stop in Edinburgh the other day, I became aware of a young family approaching. I'd been daydreaming about the meeting I was heading to, staring off into space (or possibly the drab beige paving stones in the picture!) and sparks of their energy and excitement brought me back to the present.

The kids were around 5 or 6, a boy and a girl, each exploring the platform in their own way. The girl was twirling around the lamppost asking her mum questions, and the boy was darting around calling out as he discovered every feature of his surroundings as if it was buried treasure.

As soon as he spotted the tram approaching from the airport, the boy shouted "Tram! Tram! Tram!" and started jumping up and down.

I laughed. What a contrast from the early morning commuter trams where most people are hunched over their phones, frowning, or preoccupied with something or other. Instead, how happy these children were, finding joy and excitement in mundane everyday things which are right under our noses.

By the time the tram arrived, they could hardly contain their excitement. As it came to a halt, and the green light on the 'door open' button came on, I could see the little girl itching to move forward and press it. Her mum said quietly to wait for me to get on as I was here first. I held back and asked the girl if she would like to press the button, in a tone that suggested I was as excited about it as she was. She delightedly said '"yes please" and pressed the button with gusto. A gasp - the door opened! And they all stepped aboard.

The excitement continued as the boy explored every available seat, the different ways they were facing, "what's this shelf for" (…."ooooh!" at the answer). I continue to tune in with all my senses as it's such a treat to join them in their adventure.

I went on my way with a happy smile, grateful to have been around to appreciate something so apparently routine being a highlight in someone else's world. And how stepping even just a little bit into their shoes can allow us to experience some of it too.

Not that I'm suggesting that we should all be ecstatic on the journey into work every day! But we can learn from this child-like curiosity and wonderful presence and awareness, wherever and whenever we choose.

Wish you joy and happiness!

Anna x

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