The gifts of being sensitive

I used to cry when my socks fell down. Not last week or anything (!), but as a young child I was very sensitive to textures, light, sounds, moods and emotions. Smells and tastes too - all the senses in fact! I think my family worried about me at times, but in fact I consider it a gift, especially for the work I am doing now.

What used to be easily triggered fight-or-flight reactions has now become refined (most of the time!) into intuition and perceptiveness, with powerful techniques to support myself and others through challenges. I’ve worked with fantastic teachers and mentors, and been inspired by people who were learning with me and wanted to make a similar difference in the world.

Now, when I’m with clients, I notice very subtle shifts in energy or emotion… sensing a flicker of something which could be a clue to deeper learning and new discoveries if they are ready and willing to explore. I know how to hold space with a feeling of trust and safety which supports people to steer into the difficult stuff, often surfacing raw emotion or their deepest fears. Asking questions only the soul can answer. That's where the breakthrough comes from, and they can begin a self-led healing process.

I am still sensitive…. and strong too. Difficult circumstances have taught me many lessons which have enriched my life and I wouldn’t change a thing. I’ve had my share of knocks and achievements, tragic losses, learning, healing, and celebrations, as we all have. It’s what excites me most….sharing stories and encouraging each other to write the next chapter, with greater awareness and choice, connecting with our passion and purpose. Aligning and re-aligning with what we feel called to do.

I continue to learn about life, love, laughter and loss. Personal growth and development is a lifelong commitment and passion. Each layer that unfolds, like the petals in my lotus blossom logo, reveals new aspects of my identity and how I am connected with a purpose much bigger than myself.

And the next chapter is beginning to emerge now….like a butterfly from a chrysalis.

I don’t know fully what it looks like yet, but it involves meeting with and connecting with a growing community, in new and exciting ways. From public speaking and events, to new training and workshops on NLP (neuro linguistic programming), exploring what it means to Thrive, and writing the next chapter of your life. All of this work has a common theme of living a life with purpose, fulfilling potential and supporting others to do the same.

Want to know more? Take a look at my events page, contact me for a one-to-one chat about how I can support you, and join my mailing list (at the top of this page) for updates, offers and blogs.

I'm ready when you are.

Best wishes,

Anna x

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