Little pup, big presence

This is Lucy, our new puppy. She came home to live with us a month ago, and has stolen our hearts. And many socks, towels, shoes, mats...anything chewable really!

Lucy is a very happy and curious little soul. It has been a joy to be with her as she experiences new things....

Tilting her curly little head as she watches a bee buzzing round the garden, stopping to watch it land in a tree.

Tentatively licking a piece of ice and flinching back at first, later loving the cool lick and crunch when the weather was hot.

Bouncing at the side of the bed each morning, delighted to begin a new day with cuddles and kisses with a positive energy which is infectious.

Meeting new doggy friends and neighbours, peeking through the holes in the garden wall to say hello and touch noses (with the dogs, not the people - mainly because she couldn't reach!). It's been lovely getting to know our neighbours better.

How the garden seems to have sprung to life just as she arrived, from a few pale green buds to an abundance of lush green. Like watching a stop-motion video of blossoms coming into full bloom, daisies and dandelions popping up on the grass, fascinating her as nature changes the environment every day.

Noticing the scents of summer in the early morning, pink-streaked sunrises and sunsets, and the birds tweeting the dawn chorus.

This attitude of childlike curiosity - a 'beginner's mind' - a gift which is often forgotten (or fades) when we reach adulthood....when life gets busy, responsibilities grow, lots of other stuff going on.

Feeling the unconditional love which has to be experienced to fully appreciate what it's like. And how she has brought our family together in new ways, which we embrace wholeheartedly in this next chapter of our lives.

I follow her lead (!) by devoting that love and quality of attention to her too. Following subtle clues in body language, sensing changes in energy and emotions and becoming better at responding to what she needs. It's adding to the sensory acuity I have with my clients too.

What an opportunity to learn and grow, to see through new eyes, hear sounds as if for the first time, and notice the feelings that come with the rapport and bonding. I had no idea how maternal I would feel! And she's keeping me on my toes with flexible thinking and behaviour - a very common area I explore with people I work with.

Lucy has reminded me how much fun it is to play, getting physical, sprawling and rolling on the grass like I haven't done since my kids were small. And it's so important for wellbeing. If you'd like to read more on this, I highly recommend Dr Stuart Brown's book 'Play: how it shapes the brain'.

Forgive me for being over the top with this. I've never had a dog before and I'm enjoying every minute. And thanks to my friends for putting up with the array of photos I've been posting each week!

I am building on my already-strong appreciation of what this total in-the-moment awareness is like, as I am working with clients to connect with their experiences at a deeper level, being present and mindful to developing awareness and choice in their lives and how they live it. And there's always more to learn - for me it's a life-long passion.

I just didn't realise how much of it would come in a bundle of fun and curls. What a delight.

Thank you Lucy xx

If you want to enhance your life by learning about behavioural flexibility, self-awareness, presence and connection, and in general achieving more of the results you want in your life, contact me about my NLP Practitioner Programme (Neuro Linguistic Programming) coming up soon, or you can arrange a complimentary chat about one-to-one coaching.

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