Different maps of the world, or a rich tapestry?

I have discovered over time that the more challenging it is to understand someone's behaviour, the more opportunity there is to learn.

It starts within ourselves. With a genuine intent to acknowledge and accept someone just as they are. It doesn't mean giving in or tolerating unacceptable behaviour, it's about making a choice about how you're going to handle it.

Any reaction to them or what they are saying or doing is because of our own internal map and the way we filter the world through our beliefs and values, and our sense of who we are. And no one can make you feel a certain way. I'll say that again, because it's important:

no one can make you feel a certain way.

We can learn to respond - not react - consciously, compassionately, and assertively, which makes life a lot easier for everyone. And it's one of the most common things I share with individual and business clients. It can set us free from the emotional difficulty that can often arise in relationships, which drains our energy and attention away from what's really important.

We each have our own map of the world, with unique strengths and talents and also similarities that connect us more than we might realise. Extensive research, modelling and neuroscience give us ground-breaking yet simple ways to handle difficulties, which can transform our experience.

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