Enlivened writing: going Freefall

I was very fortunate to experience a development day with other coaches in Glasgow last week, which was generously and expertly facilitated by Alastair Wyllie. The subject was 'Enlivened writing', based on the work of Edith Friesen, where we experienced writing in 'freefall', by hand, not stopping, reviewing, or editing, just letting the words flow onto the page. Also described as 'writing without a parachute'!

Before I arrived my goal was to work out how to write more regular blog posts 'on demand' - and in fact I didn't believe I could - mainly writing when the inspiration struck me (until now). Last Monday was a very powerful experience and it has unlocked creativity and flow which is also great for reflective and meditative practice. I imagine it will be very powerful for clients too. I'm very grateful to Alastair for sharing it with us.

This workshop was offered as a gift and I am planning to share it with others in a similar way. Please get in touch if you're interested in coming along!

I have typed out one of the four pieces of writing I did on the day, un-edited. This was a learning experience for me too, resisting the urge to polish and perfect what I've written!

Here goes....

I feel the warmth of the sun on my skin, soaking in from the top of my head, my shoulders, my chest, right down to my toes.

I feel the light within me, at my very core, always there although not always shining as brightly as it is now.

Drinking in each breath I smell the summery sweetness of the leaves, their vivid green reminding me how it feels to be fully alive, present and connected, and how the natural ebb and flow of life can guide us and support us to grow.

There is no striving here, no hurrying or 'things to do', simply resting in awareness, a way of being that resonates with all that is around.

I catch my breath as I notice a sense of universal connection, a knowing that was not there before, like ancient wisdom which has been gracefully left to gently be discovered, when we are ready.

My soul sings when I feel like this. I feel my heart beating in my chest with excitement, energy and a zest for life. Others sense it too, even at a distance, often getting in touch - or appearing in person! - when I have just been thinking about them.

It's like a universal life force, a shared energy that is so much what the world needs right now. All the trivialities and daily dramas dissolve and disappear, revealing the treasure of existence, inviting everyone in, and reaching out hands of friendship and comfort to those who are in need.

The ripple effect goes out in waves, its subtle message of hope and belief, and love, continuing outwards with its own self-sustaining energy. I feel the ripple effect of other like-minded souls too, and I am open to absorbing the warmth and positivity in a way that sustains us all.

An overwhelming sense of gratitude flows out from my heart, lifting my chin a little higher, a serene smile on my face and a knowing that this is much greater than myself...than any of us.

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