'About Time' #1: Three simple steps to create a better balance

"The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot"

Michael Altschuler

Do you often find yourself saying "there aren't enough hours in the day" or find life hectic because you just feel "too busy"?

Our beliefs and perceptions have a huge impact on the results we get and can affect our quality of life. The good news is, we can transform our experiences, become more productive, and feel less stressed by reflecting on those beliefs and being open to taking a different perspective.

Try these 3 simple steps to help you to find a better way to balance your time and energy.

1. Think about something you often say to yourself about time. A thought or limiting belief that often creeps in, and reinforces just how challenging it can be to juggle everything.

Notice the words you are using, and how these could be restricting your motivation, confidence, and ultimately the results you get.

- What could you say to yourself instead? Something more empowering and optimistic (while still being realistic! - see the next point)

2. We have a finite amount of time to work with. Investing it more consciously in line with the outcomes we want can make a huge difference.

-How many hours are you normally awake on an average day?

-Multiply this number by 60 to get the number of minutes you're awake per day. Multiply by 7 if you want the total for a week. If you're awake for 16 hours or more that's almost 1,000 minutes a day or almost 7,000 per week.

That's a lot of time at your disposal! And many many choices you can influence during a typical day or week. I'm not saying it's easy, but it can really help to re-frame the situation.

What do you think about the amount of time you have available to you now?

3. Consider how you want to invest your time, instead of spending it.

-Who and what is most important to you?

- What do you want to have happen?

- And for that to happen, what are the first steps you will take? By when?

Notice how a simple shift of language and intent towards a conscious choice over what you do (and, how you are being) helps you to invest your time and attention towards the things you want, rather than having a sense of scarcity and pressure.

These are just some of the ways I have found work well for clients, and they're featured in workshops and development programmes along with coaching for lasting results.

Visit my events page for details of what's coming up soon. Places are expected to go quickly so please get in touch soon if you're interested!

Best wishes,


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