What does success mean to you?

I was browsing a photography site today to find an image for this post about success. With the Rio Olympic Games in full swing it seemed quite apt to choose a picture from there.

While scrolling through the various options, it struck me how many of the photos were about money. There were also many images with 'winners' (fair enough, in context of specific achievements like the Olympics) and 'losers' (don't even get me started on that one!). My definition of success is more about humanity and connection at a deeper level, than money or status.

I also respect that other people's views may not be the same as mine. We all have different drivers, values and beliefs, and a sense of purpose and meaning, which shapes our definition of success in life. It's often linked with a sense of identity too. I know when I’ve had my biggest successes I felt more like myself than ever before. I've also learnt a lot from things that didn't go as I hoped.

If you would like to build your understanding of success in your own unique map of the world, ask yourself these few questions below.

Before you start, take yourself back to a time when you felt most successful. Take a moment to really associate into that, as if you were there now, in the present tense.

What are you noticing? (seeing, hearing, feeling, thoughts and emotions)

What are others noticing about you?

What is the benefit to you and others when you are successful?

What's important to you about that?

What can you bring back from this moment to the present day which is of value?

How will you use this? What will be your first step?

This is not in any way intended to create a sense of dissatisfaction, or to suggest you are not successful just as you are now. Raising your awareness of what motivates you and drives your success helps to make conscious choices, creating a life with more purpose, meaning, and balance. When you are able to tap into your inner resources, by revisiting real-life experiences, you’re much more likely to be able to recreate that successful feeling whenever and wherever you choose.

If you would like any support to take this further, please contact me and we will work together on a tailored approach for you.

Wishing you success!


“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.” Albert Einstein.

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