"Can I be Wonder Woman?"

"Can I be Wonder Woman?" I ask excitedly, as I 'bagsy' my character for our game. I'm playing outside in the happy, safe, and friendly cul-de-sac of my primary school years...days of sunshine, water fights, wearing our mums' old high-heeled shoes and handbags, with Mr Men plasters on our often-grazed knees.

When I watch the TV show 'Wonder Woman', I'm always mesmerised as she transforms simply by spinning around, and emerges with a power pose, red lip-gloss, and a very fetching superhero costume (or so I thought at the time...except maybe for the scuba suit!).

As we start our game, I take great delight in spinning round to create the transformation I've watched so many times. I feel the warm wind in my hair, I feel a change in my energy as my feet get faster and faster, and once I sense that I've taken on her special powers I come out of the spin. It's different somehow. I'm standing taller, I feel invincible, like I can handle anything. I also have a little bit of help from some home-made yellow paper wrist- and headbands (the real ones are gold and bullet-proof with red stars in the middle) and I have a scrap of yellow washing line as her gold lasso with magical powers. Who knew that these things could ward off all sorts of disasters, explosions, bullets, and dastardly villains?!

As Mother's Day approached this week, I found myself reflecting on where I am now in my life, my hopes and dreams when I was younger, and how some aspects have come through into adulthood.

Some of the traits from that character I loved to play have stayed with me as I grew up, and through different phases of my life. I have discovered my own resilience and resourcefulness, which I now understand I had all along, to help me through the good times and the tougher moments. This has really helped me through my own life experiences with my husband Alan's illness, when he had to stop work permanently the week we got married, through to motherhood and all the wonderful and also scary moments that can bring. I'll never forget pulling into the driveway with our first baby, David (Spiderman), in his new car seat, thinking "what do we do now?" and then embarking with excitement into life with this happy little bundle who transformed our lives beyond words, as did our daughter Mairi (Mr Incredible!) 4 years later. The other superhero above is my wonderful nephew Adam. More about Adam another time, as he has so much to teach us about joy and gratitude!

We all have our own stories and memories, and we all have our way of riding out the bumps, twists and turns of life. And that's where we often truly find ourselves and connect with others more deeply in ways that enrich our lives beyond anything we could have imagined. I have taken the lessons from my own life, along with my professional qualifications, and brought these together into a programme for Making Positive Changes so I can share the benefits with others. One of my favourite topics is Resilience, where I talk about why we think, feel and behave the way we do when things are challenging, and harness each person's own resilience and resourcefulness in a personal and relevant way, so they can apply it to a real-life opportunity or challenge.

In this week of Mother's Day and International Women's Day I am filled with gratitude for the amazing and inspiring women in my life...the real ones. Especially my own Mum. No power pose or lip gloss required! As for myself...being a Mum has opened up my world to such joy and love that I could never have imagined, and some of my greatest learning in life has come from bringing up my own children.

If there's something you want to do that makes you feel like Wonder Woman (...or Superman....or any of the characters above that you want to 'bagsy'!), go ahead and make it happen. Don't wait for the ideal time, or put it off til later. Too many people have regrets when it's too late to do anything about it. By creating your own destiny you can live a life without wondering what might have been, and open yourself up to other opportunities which you haven't even dreamt of yet!

And "Can I be Wonder Woman?". In my own way, yes I think so. Life is not all sunshine and roses, and I don't have to be strong 100% of the time. I'm vulnerable, like everyone else (turns out those wristbands are not really bullet-proof, and that's okay!) But I can give life my best shot, keep learning, and through my work support others to discover a depth of awareness and choice that brings more balance, peace and satisfaction in their lives.

Contact me for a complimentary consultation if you would like to make positive changes in your life or your business. 1:1 coaching can be combined with workshops and development programmes for powerful and lasting results (see my client testimonials for more details of what can happen!).

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