Learning to look up

At a recent Mindfulness event in Glasgow, I was inspired by a touching story about a lady in her seventies who decided to go on an open-top bus tour of the city. After living there all her life, the main thing she said she enjoyed and appreciated about it was 'learning to look up' and noticing new things she had never picked up on before.

I was reminded of this story a few days ago on my way to work, as I became aware I was looking at the grey flagstones, walking along absorbed with busy thoughts. I instantly lifted my head and looked up to the tops of the buildings, and noticed the silvery blue sky, trees and birds, and it immediately lifted me out of my preoccupation. When I do this it gives me a totally different perspective, noticing how vast and amazing the world around me is, bringing my thoughts to nature and the life all around me, diminishing any negative thoughts and feelings. So much in this case that I can’t even remember what I’d been thinking about!

Sadly the lady who inspired me to do this is no longer with us, but I’m very grateful for her story and how learning to look up has really helped me. Thank you, Jean!

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