Other Services


It's important to me to share valuable learning and experiences from my personal and business life for the benefit of others. The topics are based on the things people most often approach me for support with. This portfolio of other work is highly complementary to Coaching and Consultancy, and can be incorporated into structured programmes or scheduled as a single event.


Please contact me if you would like to explore any of these.


Workshops, training, and talks: I use my own life story and common themes which clients to engage with diverse audiences at a variety of events. This can be an interactive session or a talk. 


Writing: I regularly write my own blogs and occasionally contribute to other publications for clients and associates.


Reiki: A little more diverse than the rest of my work, but highly complementary, is the practice of Reiki to promote natural healing of the body and mind. I am a qualified practitioner in Levels 1 (Shoden) and 2 (Okuden). I am registered at the Jikiden Reiki Institute in Kyoto, Japan. Read my post about What Jikiden Reiki is, why I include it in my professional practice, including some client references and case studies.

I also use another therapy called EFT, tapping on meridian points to relieve stress and anxiety and letting go of emotional issues which can hold us back.

Charities and volunteering: It's important to me to support others who don't have the opportunity to access the types of development services I offer.

Caring for Carers - I support those who care for others with this special initiative, offering three complimentary sessions per client. Read more about it and find out how to apply.

I am also delighted to be involved with:

Mentoring with the Aspire Foundation - development for employees of charities which have a positive impact on women and girls

Action for Happiness - Voluntary Course Leader on the 'Exploring What Matters' programme

Coaching for Project Scotland - supporting young people with employability and personal development