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NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) offers powerful tools and techniques for raising self-awareness and bringing out the best in ourselves and others. It’s a process of modelling to understand and bring about more awareness and choice in our experiences, thought patterns, and behaviour. It can also be used to model excellence in others we admire, and learn how to create similar results for ourselves.

Often referred to as ‘the essence of excellence’ or ‘the user manual for the mind’, it was originated in the 1970s by John Grinder and Richard Bandler and was based on approaches used by successful therapists.

Over several decades, a variety of models have been developed and these are the fundamental building blocks of this programme. As well as gaining a credible qualification as an NLP Practitioner, participants will have the opportunity for deep and lasting personal development and also build on their facilitation, coaching, and listening skills, which are equally useful in business and in personal life. Anyone who wants to gain clarity, confidence and belief in their future direction will benefit from this highly supportive programme.


NLP Practitioner programme

Friday 20th - Sunday 22nd September 2019

Friday 8th - Monday 11th November 2019

Plus a further practise day to be arranged

Callendar House, Falkirk

Contact me now to book your place.

Also available: 3-day introduction or refresher (September) with certificate. Ideal CPD opportunity.

"I recently attended Anna's NLP Practitioner programme and I can say it was a transformative experience for me. It was an intimate group and that was perfect for the training.

We learned all the NLP practices by having them demonstrated beautifully and then being given the chance to try them for ourselves so we were able to see and feel the power of them. It was emotional at times and Anna held space for us all as only she can.


I highly recommend this training for anyone who feels called to do it - you won't regret it."

Gwenne Dickson, NLP Practitioner

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Who is this for?

This programme will benefit people who want to discover new skills and approaches for influencing, leading, coaching and supporting others, for example:

Leaders and managers



Change professionals

Therapists and counsellors

High potential employees





What’s included in the programme?

  • An introductory 30-minute call to understand your learning outcomes

  • 8 days of facilitated learning, split into two 4-day modules with practise and support in between.

  • Learn various models and structures which are the core of NLP, such as Neurological Levels of Change, The Meta Model, Beliefs of Excellence, Timeline, Parts Integration, and many more.

  • Understand the ‘four pillars’ of NLP – the fundamental elements which support this methodology, and how they can be applied to all aspects of your life and work.

  • Begin to explore metaphors, how they hold rich information about our experiences at an unconscious level, and deepen your self-awareness by developing your personal metaphors in a way that you can continue afterwards.

  • Benefit from coaching from the facilitator and with each other. The maximum size of the group will be 8 people, providing a safe and confidential environment to learn and explore.

  • A 90-minute online group session as a follow-up six weeks after the end of the programme, with options to continue with one-to-one coaching and support to help embed the learning.

  • Ongoing materials, articles, and news of local and online events for Continuous Professional Development

In total this is around 70 hours of learning and support, which you can expect to bring significant results.


Where and when?

Callendar House in Falkirk has been hand-picked as a venue, providing beautiful, bright, spacious surroundings in both indoor and outdoor spaces. It is ideally suited for such an immersive, experiential programme.

The two modules will take place on:

Friday 20th September - Sunday 22nd September 2019

Friday 8th November - Monday 11th November 2019


** Coming soon ** dates for Spring 2020.


How much does it cost?

The total investment is £1,950. A non-refundable deposit of £300 will secure your place, with payment plans available to spread the cost. 

EARLY BIRD OFFER until 15th January 2020: £1,700, subject to receipt of the deposit by this date. 

Join us for the first 3 days as a well-rounded introduction to this fantastic topic, or as a refresher. Anyone who chooses to go on to do the Practitioner qualification will be able to complete the other days on a later programme, offsetting the fee already paid.


How can I find out more? How do I know if this is for me?

  • Book a complimentary 30-minute call – with no obligation - by emailing, where you will have an opportunity to talk about your development needs and find out more about the programme.

  • Experience working with me via my online 'Mindful Living with NLP' programme, starting with a free workshop on 6 August 2019 at 7pm. 

  • Recommended reading: Sue Knight’s book, ‘NLP at Work’, which is an excellent source of learning from a renowned global expert, and is our main reference for the programme.

Learn more about NLP at the Association for NLP website , where I hold professional Trainer Membership and have signed up to the code of ethics.

Read about my professional background and client testimonials from coaching, workshops, training and development programmes.

Callendar House is a beautiful historic venue dating back to the 14th century. This French-chateau styled stately home has a surprise around every corner. 

With an exhibition, gallery, tearoom, and authentic Georgian kitchen it has many treasures on display from over the centuries. The outside space is expansive and varied, and we will be exploring both indoor and outdoor spaces to enhance learning and provide unique perspectives.

The Venue

The programme raised my awareness of my own patterns of behaviour and offered space and tools for me to start addressing these. The planned follow-up session and support network of fellow participants will allow me to keep working on these.

One of my objectives for attending was to tick the box in terms of gaining the valuable professional qualification, and it gave me so much more than that.

The environment you created was warm, friendly and welcoming and one in which I immediately felt comfortable and able to open up and share with fellow participants.

Your choice of venue was ideal, as it was a large space giving us options to move around and the access to outside space, which added positively to my experience of the programme. Personally, I also like how light and bright the venue was, as well as it being easy to get to and with good catering. 


I also enjoyed your bright, colourful and memorable visuals, which were well positioned around the room and added to our learning.

What NLP Practitioner has given me, is a more in-depth knowledge of the NLP tools that were already in my toolkit, and has also given me new tools such as Totes. It has allowed me to grow my network of supportive NLP professionals.

Your open, flexible and skilful facilitation allowed me to find my own way of making the tools work for me, when previously I had shied away from them.

Completing practitioner has increased my appetite to continue my NLP journey so that I can continue to develop myself personally and as a facilitator and coach. I now feel better able to use NLP tools to help myself through challenging situations and well as having a greater overall knowledge of NLP which helps me facilitate more skilfully and deliver training on NLP models more skilfully and knowledgeably.

I feel glad to have had the opportunity of achieving NLP Prac with you Anna. Thank you." Nikki Cinderey, NLP Practitioner

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