Monday Club

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Are you a small business owner or entrepreneur?

Could you benefit from regular catchups with a supportive group to help with accountability and progress for your business?

The world of self-employment is very different to working as an employee. Clients often tell me that they struggle with focus, time management, and accountability (among other things!), and would value the opportunity to have more regular contact with people in similar circumstances for support and encouragement. They are looking for something which goes beyond networking, and provides regular, detailed conversations to support their progress.


With the uncertain and unprecedented times we're living in now, more than ever we need to reach out to give and receive support to help us acknowledge and adapt to changes whilst balancing business with family and other aspects of life. With restrictions continuing, I'm keen to sustain positive connections and motivation, and provide a safe space to check in, however you are feeling.

The Monday Club was originally piloted in 2016 to test an approach for working with a small group of entrepreneurs on a long-term regular basis. There was an immediate impact from having structured weekly conversations, and the accountability of sharing intentions and plans made a big difference to what we could achieve. Let’s face it, none of us likes letting others down, and knowing we’d be checking back in the next Monday was a big incentive! It’s amazing what impact it can have just talking things through out loud, and with a supportive group it’s even better. And when things don't go to plan, we take time to appreciate the learning and offer support.


  • Improve focus, motivation, time management and balance

  • Stay resilient during uncertain times, taking the opportunity to reflect on potential opportunities that can come from unexpected changes

  • Maximise results for your business in a supportive environment

  • Develop awareness of the strengths and needs of your business, and learn from a range of experiences in the group

  • Have a structured sounding-board for challenges and opportunities

  • Gain opportunities for personal and professional development

  • Develop relationships and a sense of community, which is so valuable when you are working remotely!

Note: This is not a forum for formal business advice and input. It’s intended for coaching, support and experience sharing. Any actions taken are the sole responsibility of the business owner.


Every Monday at 10am.


  • Hosted on Zoom by Anna Bell, who leads and facilitates the group, also coaching and challenging individuals towards the results they are looking for.

  • 10 members maximum.

  • 'Zoom rooms' allow for paired/group discussion 

  • Structured template to support reflection and planning

  • Whole-group discussions, coaching, visualisations, and input on topics like resilience, focus, motivation, mindfulness, overcoming challenges, and whatever is most relevant to the group!  

At the moment, fees are £5 per week (suggested donation) pay-as-you-go by bank transfer.

Paid long-term subscriptions (to be reviewed later) will also include:

  • A 1-hour individual coaching session via Zoom every 3 months

  • Access to a private Facebook Group as a way to connect between sessions

  • Tips and tools appropriate to the needs of the group

  • Access to special offers and discounts for workshops, coaching packages, and training.

Longer/separate sessions, e.g. online workshops on goal-setting, business planning, & soft skills development, may be arranged where there is interest from the group, subject to an additional charge.


  • Members are committed to put in the effort and focus required to make it work for themselves and all in the group, sharing regular feedback, support, challenge and encouragement.

  • Everyone is expected to come prepared and be on time for the meeting, and keep to the time allocated for each activity. Whenever possible, the meeting will take place at the same time each week.

  • We have a supportive and encouraging atmosphere of openness, honesty, trust and confidentiality.

  • Each member will be accountable for their own results and decisions, including any advice or suggestions which may have come from other members.

  • Sessions will be led and facilitated by Anna to support timekeeping, progress, and outcomes. Anna reserves the right to remove any member of the group where these principles are not being met. 

  • Sharing of skills and expertise will be encouraged, to help to meet individual needs.

  • There’s no such thing as failure or blame, only learning and feedback.

  • The format, structure and materials are copyright of Anna Bell Coaching and must not be shared or used outside the membership group (and are for members’ personal use only)

  • No selling - there will be plenty of chance to share what you're working on anyway!

Criteria for group members

  • Ideally a mix of industries & specialisms

  • Different experience levels, from new start-ups to experienced business owners

  • Ability to commit to meet online every week, except for occasional holidays and client commitments 

  • Must have capacity to follow up on actions and meet commitments in between weekly sessions

To check this is a good fit for you and for the group…

We encourage this self-reflection before getting involved, as this is a small and focused group, and to maximise results for individuals through complementary skills and experiences. It also supports the message of accountability to say what you’re willing to sign up for.

Please email with the following information:

  • What’s your professional background, industry and specialism(s)?

  • What other valuable skills and experience can you bring to the group?

  • How long have you been running your own business?

  • How do you expect to benefit from being involved? What difference will it make to you and your business?

  • What are your current strengths and challenges with your business?

  • Confirm your commitment and availability on Mondays for the next month (as far as you can).

If you have any questions you can send an email to the above address, or we can arrange a chat.



Testimonial from Claire Newlands:

"I find the Monday Club is a very motivating start to the week. We have a structure that we follow which includes sharing our highlights and achievements, our challenges and learning and thinking about the mindset that we will need through the coming week which will allow us to complete our goals.

I find in particular that taking some time to look at what I achieved is very helpful. Like many people I’m very good at focussing on the items on my to do list that are not ticked off rather than celebrating what I have done. I love the Monday Club and I believe that it is really helping me to be more focussed on improving my business."

Claire also said: "I have been self- employed now for just over 3 years and mostly working from home. This was a huge change for me as I had been working in an open office with 30 colleagues for the previous 7 years. One of the hardest adjustments for me has been working completely on my own. I’ve been used to working with a team and reporting to a director on a weekly basis which was a set up that I was very comfortable with."

The aim of Monday Club is to provide support for aspects of performance and motivation, which would not otherwise be possible as a result of working independently.