Resilience and Wellbeing workshop

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10am - 4pm​, £90


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Join us for this interactive full-day experience to empower you to rediscover and appreciate your own ability to navigate through life's challenges and opportunities so you can thrive and live life to the full.

We will work together to share insights on the things which can impact our wellbeing, such as patterns of thoughts and behaviour, how we invest our time and energy, and the latest research from neuroscience and mindfulness, in a way which is relevant and personal to you.

I will share my own personal and professional experiences of building resilience and wellbeing, time management, and how to be more present and connected, all facilitated through experiences which will stay with you. The learning is equally applicable to personal and business life. Many people continue to process the learning after they leave, and find momentum for bigger goals or changes.

"I have attended many of Anna 's workshops which she delivers with skill, connection and a great sense of fun. Her resilience workshop is a must to really discover the internal resources you already possess.
Without Anna I know I would still be stuck. I am so grateful to meet such a wonderful caring lady, she has been truly life changing."

Gay Hogg, Platforms Adviser, Edinburgh

Ideally you will already have participated in the workshop on Making Positive Changes to shape some clear goals, and build confidence and motivation to apply here, although it's not essential.


  • Understand why we think, feel, and behave the way we do when things get tough

  • Explore attributes of resilient people, recognising what's true of you

  • Raise your awareness of your own reactions and coping strategies, and the positives you can take from challenging situations

  • Consider your health and wellbeing, and what helps and hinders you, and gain insights on the thoughts and behaviour behind this in a non-judgmental way

  • Reflect on where you're spending your time and energy at the moment, decide what matters most, and understand how to create a balance that works for you

  • Experience mindfulness meditation as a very effective approach to support your resilience and wellbeing

  • Feel inspired by the power of your own resilience and resourcefulness, and apply it to a real-life challenge or opportunity.

This is all facilitated in a safe and confidential environment. Occasionally emotions can surface for some participants, and they have consistently fed back that the depth of the experience is what has provided real value for them. It inspires me every time, and every day is unique and special.

Refreshments will be provided in the morning and afternoon. To make sure this event is affordable, lunch is not included. There are plenty of good places to eat nearby, or please feel free to bring your own. Please note that there is a flight of stairs down to the event room and may not be suitable for less mobile guests.

I hope you can join us!


Here's what some past participants said:

"Today I learned the value of headspace....If you can connect with what you're doing, no matter what it is, you'll produce better results."

"I feel positive, energised"

"I came to the realisation...the strength to overcome my current and future challenges is within me. I also got a lot from hearing how others' strength and resilience has got them to where they are today. So inspiring."