Making Positive Changes workshop

28 Forth St, Edinburgh, EH1 3LH

10am - 4pm, £95 / £80 for regular clients

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Fancy a retreat away from the hustle and bustle of daily life? How about a boost for your motivation, focus and confidence for a great year ahead?

Enjoy a similar experience to others who said this workshop was "inspiring", "fun", "amazing", "powerful" and "insightful" (among other things - see the photos below!). Now they're all set to Make Positive Changes and there is no stopping them!

You can expect to leave with renewed energy, clarity and purpose on how you want your life to be, along with actions to help you achieve the things which mean most to you, and a real appreciation of what you're capable of. You will have the opportunity to work with a positive, like-minded group who will encourage and support each other. It will leave you wondering why you haven’t started sooner!

You will experience a range of tools and techniques such as coaching, mindfulness, NLP, and sensory awareness. These are based on what has been most effective for clients over the years, and I just love bringing these to you packaged up as a whole event!

Could this be the year that makes the difference for you?

“Attended the 'Making positive changes' workshop and it was fantastic. Relaxed, informal and friendly atmosphere. Using different techniques to explore success goals and measures to achieve this. Highly recommend.”

Charlene Brock, 5 star rating via Facebook

“I loved my day with you and the rest of the crew Anna. You have a real talent for coaching and created a very positive and nurturing learning environment. I felt I got a lot out of the workshop. Thanks very much” Caroline Tough

Who is this event for? Anyone who wants to make changes in their life, but just hasn’t found a way to do it yet!


  • Get a sense of where you are now with different areas of your life

  • Form a clear view of where you want to get to, and the impact this will have

  • Prioritise who - or what - is most important to you

  • Understand where you are placing your attention now, what patterns are helping and hindering you, and how to re-focus to create the positive changes you want

  • Identify actions which you know will work, and experience your successful outcome as if it has already happened


Refreshments will be provided in the morning and afternoon. To make sure this event is affordable, lunch is not included. There are plenty of good places to eat nearby, or please feel free to bring your own. Please note that there is a flight of stairs down to the event room and may not be suitable for less mobile guests.

I hope you can join us!