Coaching Packages & Personal Retreats

How many of us don't think twice about treating ourselves to the occasional spa day, massage, or beauty treatment? I know I enjoy and value these things. And yet how often do we invest in ourselves to feel great from the 'inside out'?


Bespoke packages of coaching provide quiet space to explore what's happening in your world, and build awareness and choice for you to make positive changes. It may be for goal-setting, building resilience, wellbeing and confidence, career or personal development, or simply getting unstuck with something that's holding you back. The focus can be business or personal - in my view, it's all about the person anyway!


A few hours of high-quality attention just for you can be an investment in yourself or a gift for someone else. You have the option to take a day out with a morning and afternoon session designed according to your specific needs, or split the time into shorter sessions over a longer period. Either way, you can expect some deep personal change and lasting benefits. Read some client testimonials to get an idea of what to expect.

Other ways this experience can be individually tailored:

As well as your 1:1 sessions, any of my workshops can be included in the package.


Reiki treatments can also be combined into this package. Some clients like to start the session with a session which soothes the body and mind and promotes your own natural healing and wellbeing. Others like to get straight into challenging goals, which is great too! Find out more about Reiki and how it has benefitted other clients I've worked with.


I use a combination of indoor and outdoor venues to stimulate awareness and learning, ranging across Central Scotland from Edinburgh to Glasgow, and can arrange to travel within a reasonable distance for the whole-day package. Prices depend on location and format.


Please get in touch to talk about how this experience can be tailored for you.


If the coaching you're looking for is more business-focused, you may want to explore our Executive Coaching packages.


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"A year from now you will wish you'd started today"       

Karen Lamb

Also available as a package of coaching for mums-to-be, to smooth the transition through key stages until returning to work.