Caring for Carers

Supporting those who care for others

As carer myself, I have direct experience of what it can be like to support someone you love with physical, emotional, and cognitive difficulties. As well as often being rewarding, and a loving thing to do, it can be distressing and isolating for both parties, and the carers I know rarely find time for self-care or even think about their own needs. Building resilience and reducing stress and anxiety can have a really positive impact for the carer and the person they care for.

In 2015 I decided to offer my support, bringing together personal experience and professional skills to offer 1:1 coaching. reiki or mindfulness and relaxation sessions to carers who would otherwise struggle to find the time or money to access services like these. I now have space for two new clients.

How does it work?

I offer each person three complimentary 1-hour sessions (usually online) over the course of three to four months. We agree how and when the sessions take place, depending on their circumstances. Nominees report a very positive impact from having this time for themselves, which also benefits the people they care for - see testimonials on the right.

After the closing date for nominations, I will narrow down a shortlist of applications and decide on the final two along with 2 other independent parties (without sharing any names or personal information). Successful applicants will be based on the extent of the challenges the carer faces, any restrictions on their income as a result of caring, and the potential benefit to them and others.

Can I nominate someone or apply myself?

Nominations are now open until 31st January 2020 for two new people to benefit, and you can apply for yourself or someone else (please agree with them first). The successful candidates will be contacted by 5th February.

Also look out for another opportunity in Carers Week in June, an annual awareness campaign held in June to celebrate and recognise the vital contribution made by the UK’s over 6.5 million carers.


for your organisation, this could be an ideal time to run a workshop to support colleagues who are carers. Forward thinking employers like Standard Life have award-winning approaches which are making a huge difference to carers, those they care for, and wider society, and I ran workshops there a few months ago. Participants commented how valuable it had been to share their challenges and support each other, and there was laughter, tears, commitments to self-care, and a variety of other actions to support themselves.

If you are interested in booking a session, please get in touch.

What do I need to do to nominate?

In no more than 300 words, please tell me a little bit about the person, their circumstances, what they do for others, and the difference you believe it will make if they could have this opportunity to invest time in themselves. You can send your nominations via my contact page or send an email to

Look out for updates on Facebook or contact me for information.

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Find booking information here or contact me directly.


"Thank you so very much for my sessions, your wisdom and introducing me to reiki. 

My wife is very poorly and I find it difficult to set aside time for myself to relax without feeling guilty or that I could be doing something "productive".  My sessions with you helped me realise that relaxed me time allows me to be a better man, carer and dad. 

Thank you, I really appreciate your time and support. I hope this year's recipient feels equal benefit."

Keith McVeigh

"Your positivity was second to none. My confidence has been boosted greatly by your sessions. You have made me feel worthy of my place in society.

You have made me realise that I can still be that person I once was just by taking a step back and feeling all that positive energy again."

"I do not feel so guilty about taking time out for me. It will make me a better carer at the end of the day."

Financial Services professional

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