About me

Hello, thank you for stopping by to find out about me, my background, and how I work.


I set up my coaching and training business in 2015 and it has blossomed, now offering a diverse range of services to support individuals and groups at significant moments in their personal and professional lives, so they can thrive. I also write regularly, run open events, and get involved in community projects. I'm a mum, carer, foodie, music fan and have a bouncy labradoodle called Lucy. 

My purpose in life is to make a difference every day and leave the world a better place. It's my privilege to have the opportunity to be invited into people's lives as a trusted partner and guide, when they decide they're ready.

My first experience of coaching and developing others was at the beginning of my career in the Personal Pensions boom of the 1990s, a challenging and exciting time in financial services. I was promoted into a leadership role at the age of 18, which I loved, as it was an ideal opportunity to make a difference and contribute to something bigger. 

I have always appreciated people's individuality and unique talents, and am passionate about spotting and unlocking potential. I am committed to lifelong learning and development for myself too. It comes naturally to me to focus on supporting people to bring out their best, and to hold space for them to find their own solutions to overcome challenges and build resilience. It was years later when people kept saying how much they gained confidence and positivity through working with me, and vividly described the turning point,  that it began to sink in. It feels like a calling, not just 'a job'. 

I then worked in a few similar roles in the 1990s, after moving to Standard Life to experience working in a large organisation. That's where I gained most of my career experience. As well as leading and developing others I worked on projects to support widespread culture change and engagement. There I found my spark to pursue a career specialising in people development and change.

Over the years I studied for a range of high-quality qualifications in HR Development, Change Management, coaching and training. These have provided a strong basis for working with people ethically and effectively, and I can honestly say I have used them all with the wide range of clients I work with, from public and private sectors, different industries such as financial services, entrepreneurs, sports, creative arts, logistics, young people...to name but a few! 

During this time my personal circumstances changed dramatically. My husband was diagnosed with MS the week we were due to get married. It was devastating but we found a way through with the love and support of family and friends. I hadn't planned to be working full-time throughout my adult life, or to be the main earner, but that's what had to happen. Or so I thought.

Over time I explored different career options and for a while shied away from setting up my own business. It seemed too big a risk, with less security than a 9 to 5 job. I now realise I mulled it over for too long (although it's never too late!) and one day I realised I'd already decided that I would set up a coaching practice. I made the bold step of starting out and getting myself established, and making it work no matter what. And it's amazing what happened. Doors started to open. Clients began to approach me before I'd even put the word out. I have a firm belief that once you make a commitment - make the leap and then let your wings unfold  - events, people, forces, whatever...conspire to help you.

My family have been an amazing support, encouraging me every step of the way. I have a teenage son and daughter, and self-employment has given me so much time at home, when I didn't have much in the early years. I feel like we've really made it count and it's one of the reasons I have never looked back - you can't buy that kind of quality time with your family.

You can write your own story like I did mine. Like many others have before us. There are great adventures to be found in living life with purpose, passion and connection.

I'm here when you're ready to talk about it. Contact me for a complimentary consultation to experience what it's like to work with me before making a commitment. You can also read feedback from individual and business clients and read my blog posts.

Best wishes,